I am coming up to the end of my Lambda School journey. The last leg is a “labs” project where students in the web, mobile, and data science tracks build apps as a part of a cross-functional team simulating an authentic project. As a Data Science student, I joined just such a team of seven developers and our intrepid TL (thanks Sammy!) as our project steward.

The Problem & Customer

The primary role I played prior to Lambda School was as a software Product Manager. Sometimes this was in large companies and often in small companies and startups. For me, the first question to…

As a fledgling Data Science student at Lambda School, it’s easy to get lost in Python’s vast ecosystem of data science libraries such as pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn and lose sight of the underlying algorithm we depend on for our analysis.

The Objective

As a part of our Computer Science (CS) coursework — that we’re sharing with our Lambda Web Development compatriots —our objective is to “take it back to the streets” and implement a common algorithm with native code rather than leaning on an existing library. This exercise would seem to help flex our CS learning and also refresh our understanding…

Technology holds great promise to improve our lives including saving lives. According to a US Department of Transportation study, innovations including autonomous vehicles could save over 35,000 lives a year.

Until that particular holy grail appears, a tragic set of outcomes are pedestrians who are killed or injured in vehicular accidents each year. According to the CDC, in 2016 alone, almost 6000 pedestrians were killed and 129,000 required emergency care for “non-fatal crash-related injuries” (link)

Let’s take advantage of a rich dataset of vehicular-pedestrian accidents and see what findings we can draw.

The Data & Data Pre-Processing

Our data comes from chapelhillopendata.org (link) and describes…

I recently began my journey into the world of data science as a member of Lambda School’s Data Science “DSPT4” cohort. Lambda School is an awesome online coding school where learners can dive into user experience design, full-stack web app & mobile app development, and of course data science. It’s been a great ride of coding, statistics, data wrangling and community. Sounds good? It gets better — students can pay nothing until they land that killa new job.

At this juncture, a course milestone is to apply our early learnings to a data-driven problem or issue. The question of global…

As a Product Manager who does some weekend hacking, I love finding open source projects and technologies that help demonstrate important concepts in the web services world. As I crawl up the technology learning curve it’s great to take seemingly abstract concepts such as containers and serverless and employ them in simple but illustrative ways.

I was an early user of Iron.io for hosted workers and enthusiastically followed co-founders Chad Arimura (@chadarimura) and Travis Reeder (@treeder) as Iron.io gained traction in the marketplace.

When I heard that Chad and Travis’ focus moved to the Fn Project, I jumped at the…

Dan Anderson

Product development mensch. I dig Go, Angular, MongoDB, and Lean Startup. Studying Data Science at Lambda School (DSPT4)

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